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The strength and durability of your asphalt parking lot or driveway, highly depends upon the ground from which you build upon. Taking the proper steps before the asphalt arrives is essential to gaining the proper compaction needed to give you a long lasting pad of asphalt.  


Residential driveways are typically paved to a 2 ½ inch compacted pad, where as commercial and high traffic lots are using a 3 inch compacted pad as their standard.  

Constructing new pad from ground up

Overlaying existing asphalt

After time asphalt will oxidize (dry out) and become brittle.  When this happens it will begin to crack up and “spider web” in areas.  Before ripping out and starting over, check to see if your asphalt is still in proper condition for an overlay.  By applying a 1 ½ inch to 2 inch overlay of fresh asphalt, you do not sacrifice strength, but will gain in the pocketbook.


Typical parking lots and driveways are paved with a ¾ inch rock asphalt while overlays are typically paved with a 3/8 inch rock asphalt.  Different asphalts are better used for different situations.  Get in contact with a Shadow representative to see which option of paving suites you structurally and financially.  

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