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Protect your asphalt driveway or parking lot from the rigors of Montana winters with our emulsified sealant. Emulsified means that it is oil based but is cut with water. When the water evaporates out you are left with the oil bonding the solids in the sealer to your asphalt. This forms a protective barrier to the elements and keeps water from penetrating your asphalt to break it up from within.  

Protecting your investment

Types of application

  1)  Squeegee – typically used on rough asphalt or asphalt that has never been sealed before.  This is the best for filling voids and smoothing of your asphalt pad.

  2)  Spray – once asphalt is smooth and the voids are filled, you will get the best coat out of one of our top quality spray setups.

  3)  Broom – Typically used for intricate and tight spaces or edging.  


NOTE: Every driveway or parking lot is different and thus the form of application should be different as well. Fly-by-night operations will seduce you with low prices but they lack the tools and knowhow to do what is best for your asphalt.  


HINT: Seal coat is typically cut 10% with water to allow it to be pliable on the ground. Be sure the contractor you choose is cutting the sealer properly. Again, smaller companies and fly-by-nighters, have a tendency to overly cut their seal and thus give you the illusion of a great price. You get what you pay for.

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