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Catch customer’s eyes with the brightness of a newly striped lot.  By using top-of-the-line stripers form Graco, Shadow striping strives to give you those straight bright edges to give your lot great curb appeal.

Curb appeal

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Line grinding

We all know the frustration with traffic paint. When you want the paint to stay it seems to fade quickly and go away, and when we want it to fade, a certain amount seems to last forever.  Shadow Asphalt is now equipped with a Graco Line Grinder that is able to scratch off old existing lines and stencils.


Remember to factor a re-stripe into your budget. Lead and other ingredients have been removed from paint, making safer to use but not as strong. On fresh asphalt and seal coat the paint will scuff and fade more quickly than usual. It is the second time it is striped that will last better.  

Shadow Asphalt Striping

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